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Vivien Lee, A Senior Real Estate NEGOTIATOR many years of experience in the Real Estate Industry  with the mission to help people building their REAL WEALTH VIA REAL ESTATE. She is offering an extensive range of property services which include Sales and Leasing of properties for Residential, Commercial and Industrial with her teammates. Should you need any further information, services or assistance in your Real Estate Planning, do feel free to contact her at +6017-925 5597


As a professional real estate agent,  Vivien and her team offers their know-how and skills in real estate industry here.

Owner who want to sell/ rent their properties

We are professional team that understand current market condition, we are able to provide service of proper marketing planning and pricing strategy. By this, we are can help owner to sell their unit in quickest time. This can ensure owner has hassle free and able to obtain their cash flow faster for future planning.

Buyers who want to purchase their dream home

We able to understand and identify our buyer requirement, this allowed buyer to have more time for rest and relaxation, knowing that someone else is doing all the hard work for them and buyer will enjoy the purchase experience. This can help the buyer to save time and find their dream home.

Tenant who want to relocate to new place

We help relocation tenant to familiarise new place by explaining the surrounding and amenities. For upgrading tenant, we able to source their desired home that suits their needs. We also providing proper documentation to ensuring lease agreement in order and stamped, this ensure both parties rights are protected.

Investor who want to get their best deal

We are in the frontline of property market, the first hand person to know the “best deal” in the market, therefore  we help investor to identify best deal in the market. On the other hand, we are able to give consultancy on investment opportunity and market trend information to investor. This information enable investor to make a better purchase decision.